Privacy Policy
Our Privacy and Security Promise To You:


This web site created this privacy statement to demonstrate our company's firm commitment to safeguarding individual privacy. The following statement discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices. We want you to feel safe and comfortable taking advantage of our services and web site features.

This web site maintains appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personally identifiable information submitted to our site and periodically reviews and updates its security measures.

Credit Card Transactions

Recent studies show it is safer to use a credit card over the Internet than in physical stores and restaurants. Personal transactions require multiple sales copies with signatures giving employees access to credit card numbers and signatures. Internet transactions are performed electronically without multiple sales copies and handwritten signatures.

Legislation exists to protect against fraudulent sales transactions. The Fair Credit Billing Act of 1975 was passed to help consumers resolve disputes with creditors and to ensure fair handling of credit card accounts. By law if your credit card, or credit card information, is stolen and used, your maximum liability is only $50.00. However, victims must report the misuse immediately to the credit card company.

Displaying Personally Identifiable Information

This web site shall not make Personally Identifiable Information available to the general public in any form without the prior written or electronic consent of the individual identified, with the following exceptions; providing information as required by law, court order, or other valid legal process.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information

This web site shall treat all Personally Identifiable Information and/or Third Party Personally Identifiable Information gathered on the Site in accordance with the Privacy Statement in effect at the time of collection. If this web site wishes to materially change its Privacy Statement(s), commercially reasonable measures to obtain the consent from the users to whom it pertains, such as obtaining written or electronic consent of the user will be administered.

Limit on use of Third Party Personally Identifiable Information

Third Party Personally Identifiable Information collected through the Site may be used solely by this web site or by other parties when necessary to facilitate the completion of a transaction that is the primary purpose for which the information was collected. Third Party Personally Identifiable Information collected through the Site may not be otherwise used or disclosed or distributed to other parties unless this web site first provides the person identified by the Third Party Personally Identifiable Information a reasonable means for the third party to notify this web site that they do not wish to have their Third Party Personally Identifiable Information used, disclosed or distributed (e.g. Opt Out), whereupon the this web site shall ensure that the identified person's choice is complied with.

Collection and Use of Information

After reading our privacy statement users should have no questions regarding how and why they are giving their name, email address, company name, and other information to our Web site. The following addresses all sections/pages where information is collected, explaining what information is collected and how it is used. Disclosing both the means by which we collect information with users explicit knowledge (registration forms, order forms, and contests) and without their explicit knowledge (logged files, cookies).

The following information is explicitly collected on our Web site. Users benefit when providing this information by allowing this web site to automatically fill any forms that consumers opt to complete.

A. Contact Information
- Name
- Mailing Address
- Email Address
- Phone Number
B. Financial/Billing Information
- Credit Card Number
- Credit Card Expiration Date
C. Demographic Information
- Date of Birth
- Country

Communication to Consumers

This web site will continue to adhere to industry standard opt-in and opt out choices for all marketing communications. E-mail, sent will average no more than4 times per month, excluding use of e-mail as a verification tool. Other communication channels do not have planned frequency at this time. E-mail may also be designed to inform consumers of specific events, sales, contests or features at this web site. Consumers receive communications by opting for communication verifying as a correspondence tool for site registration or other consenting action. If a consumer enters a contest there may be a notice in the rules / terms / conditions informing entrants that they will be sent a promotional, partner or site related e-mail for participation. All e-mail will provide instructions for how to unsubscribe.

Sharing of Information

Many users and retailers are concerned about who has access to personally identifiable information.

This web site does not share personably identifiable information with other companies. Aggregate form statistics of site usage are periodically prepared only with the intent of improving site design and service needs only.

Privacy Policy Content and Implementation

Clearly articulating our policies in the form of a privacy statement is only the first step. As expressed earlier, this web site has strong internal procedures in place to ensure that our employees understand, implement and adhere to these policies.

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